Come visit a magical world where music was made not with computers or digital information but by mechanical movement. Our collection is literally an ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ of musical items and memorabilia. The museum opens on Sundays and our visitors enjoy tours of actual working mechanical music devices, fairground organs, café dance organs, player pianos, barrel organs and LIVE performances on the mighty Wurlitzer cinema organ.

The collection also houses an endless collection of novelties creating a musical maze of mesmerising entertainment with sheet music as wallpaper, roof rafters covered with 78’s and gramophone discs and penny slot machines…the list, is endless.

People come back every year to Cotton and always see something different from their last visit. Explore our website at it is our hope you will come and see this unique collection yourself sometime very soon.


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Our 2017 season open to the public will run from June 4th to September 24th

Sundays only - 2:00pm to 5:30pm

Two complete tours during the day - includes tour guide with demonstrations of music box room, player pianos & barrel organs, Wurlitzer organ and fairground organs.

Fairground Organ Day - Sunday October 1st 2017


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